Agenda 2016

8:15 AM

Introduction and Logistics

Location: Ballroom

8:30 AM

Welcome and Keynote

Location: Ballroom

Conference Welcome

Introduction by: Maryalicia Johnson
Welcome by: Joan Lorden, PhD

Beyond the Hype: The Hard Work Behind Analytics Success

Introductions by: Rhonda Baker
Speakers: David Kiron & Sam Ransbotham, PhD

9:30 AM

Data Science Initiative Panel

Location: Ballroom
Introductions by: Bob Wilhelm, PhD
Panelists: Mirsad hadzikadic, PhD, Joan Lorden, PhD, Yi Deng, PhD, Nancy Fey-Yensan, PhD, RD, & Steve Ott, PhD

10:45 AM

Break Out Sessions I

Energy Analytics – SmartCities Panel

Location: Salon 1
Panelists: Rob Phocas, Rob Cox, PhD, & Bradley Rash

Social Analytics – Partnership for Social Good

Location: Salon 3
Speakers: Mirsad Hadzikadic, PhD & Glenn Devitt

Executive Education – Analytics for Decision Makers

Location: The Den
Speakers: J.D. Elliott, Jared Hansen, PhD

11:45 AM

Keynote and Lunch

Four Eras of Analytics

Location: Ballroom
Introduction by: Ned Carroll
Speaker: Tom Davenport
Many economists have all but ceded many middle and lower-skill jobs to automation, but high-end knowledge workers have always been deemed safe from automation-driven job loss. The rise of analytics and other decision-oriented technologies, however, is beginning to put those roles at risk as well. In this presentation Tom Davenport will describe which types of jobs are most at risk, and over what timeframe potential disruptions in knowledge work might take place. Most importantly, he will argue that there are ways that knowledge workers can make it likely that their work is augmented by technology rather than fully automated by it.

1:45 PM

Break Out Sessions II

internet of Things Panel

Location: Salon 1
Panelists: Dan Thyer, Joe Topinka, Phil West, Larry Steffann, & Joe Yeremuk

Healthcare Analtics – Reduction of Hospital Readmission

Location: The Great Room II
Speakers: Zbigniew W. Ras, PhD, David Olaleye
The projection of the growth rate in healthcare spending in the US is 5.8 percent during the period 2014-2024, which means that the spending will rise to 5.4 trillion by 2024. Analyzing the reasons behind readmissions to hospitals and reducing them can save a great amount of money. A hospital readmission is defined as a hospitalization of the patient after being discharged from the hospital. Our recommender system for the reduction of readmissions to hospitals is based on healthcare personalization and actionable knowledge mining of Florida State Inpatient Databases (SID) that contain records of more than 7.8 million visit discharges from over 3.6 million patients treated in several hospitals in the Florida State.

Analytics Processes – Building Data Science Teams & Agile Analytics

Location: Salon 2
Speakers: John Thomas, PhD & Erin Adamaitis

2:45 PM

Break Out Sessions III

Analytics Practice – Cultural, Policy and Privacy Issues Surrounding Analytics

Location: Salon 2
Speaker: Bill Franks
Getting the facts right should be all that matters. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. In addition to the analytics themselves, it is necessary to also take into account other factors. Culture and politics can have a huge impact on how analytics are adopted, implemented, and pursued. So can laws and regulations. Both of those come together in the hotly debated area of privacy. This talk will discuss some specific issues that often arise and how to address them.

Data Visualization – The Science of Data Visualization

Location: The Den
Speaker: Nick Beaton
Humans can see visual patterns very well, but only when the patterns really play to a human’s strengths. This presentation is intended to take a look at how humans interpret visual information and ways in which information is presented in the modern world. We’ll take a look at “pre-attentive attributes”, which allow humans to process information almost instantly. Finally, we’ll dive into data visualization best practices and how to visually convey information so an audience can quickly grasp what’s meaningful.

Fraud Analytics – The Trillion Dollar baby

Location: Salon 3
Speaker: Abhishek Mehta

Healthcare Analytics II – Identifying Patients with Rare Diseases using Big Data & Genes and geography of Infectious Diseases

Location: The Great Room II
Speakers: Christopher Blanchette, PhD, MBA & Dan Janies, PhD

3:45 PM

Keynote Panel

Big Data – Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Location: Ballroom
Introductions by: Rishi Bhatnagar
Panelists: Derek Raghavan, MD, Bill Franks, Ahmer Inam, Sullivan McConnell, & Laurie Readhead

5:00 PM


Location: Ballroom