Agenda 2020

MARCH 25, 2020, THE RITZ-CARLTON Charlotte

Time: 7:15-8:30 am

Registration / Coffee & Breakfast

Urban Garden: Registration
Urban Garden: Coffee and Breakfast 
Time: 8:30-8:45 am / Location: Ballroom

Introduction and Welcome

Dr. Doug Hague- Executive Director for School of Data Science, UNC Charlotte
Time: 8:45-9:45 am / Location: Ballroom

Invited Keynote: General Robert P. Ashley

Time: 9:45-10:00 am / Location: Prefunction Room

Coffee Break

Breakout Sessions I:  6 sessions

Time: 10:00-10:45 am / Location: Salon I, Salon II, salon III, Great room I, Great Room II, The Den
Session I 10:00-10:45 am  /  Track: Explainable AI / Location:  Salon I
The Explain-Ability of Machine Learning in Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Speakers: Xin Yan, Rahul Singh, and Wafa Louhichi; Quantitative Analytics Specialists, Corporate Model Risk, Wells Fargo NA.

Session I 10:00-10:45 am  /  Track: Ethics & AI / Location: Salon II
Analytics for Good: Using Data Responsibly for Profit and Social Good

Speaker: Chris Johannessen, Director, Digital + Data Science Services, SIA Partners

Session I 10:00-10:45 am  /  Track: The Future of AI / Location: Salon III
The 4th Industrial Revolution

Speaker: Bhavana Bartholf, Executive Transformation Officer, Microsoft

Session I 10:00-10:45 am  /  Track: AI Adoption / Location: Great Room I
Session I 10:00-10:45 am  /  Track: NLP / Location: Great Room II
Optimizing Nature Appreciation Using the Traveling Salesman

Speaker: Stephen Voss, Software Development Consultant, Slalom Consulting, LLC

Session I 10:00-10:20 am  /  Track: Case Studies / Location: The Den
How Data and Analytics Helped Charlotte Radiology Improve Access to Care for Its Patients

Speakers: Cheryl Marks, Vice President of Operations, Charlotte Radiology, and Moyosore Lawal, Sr. Analytics Associate, Syntelli Solutions

Session I 10:25-10:45 am  /  Track: Case Studies / Location: The Den
“Once Upon a Data Analysis…” Data Storytelling in Healthcare Analytics

Speaker: Jasmine Wazaney, Director of Data Analytics & Reporting, Healthstat, Inc. 



Time: 10:45-11:00 am / Location: Prefunction Room
Coffee Break

Breakout Sessions II: 6 Sessions

Time: 11:00 - 11:45 AM / Location: Salon I, Salon II, salon III, Great room I, Great Room II, The Den
Session II  11:00-11:45 am  /  Track: Explainable AI / Location: Salon I
AI for Power Consumption Prediction – A Case Study

speakers: Hannah Holub, Data & Analytics Consultant, Slalom Consulting, and Seba Santibáñez, Solutions Architect, Slalom Consulting

Session II  11:00-11:45 am / Track: Ethics in AI / Location: Salon II



Session II  11:00-11:45 am / Track: The Future of AI / Location: Salon III
Digitalization in AI

Speaker: Saurabh Shah, Partner, IBM


Session II  11:00-11:45 am / Track: AI Adoption / Location: Great Room I
From Laggard to Leader— Winning the AI Race
Speaker: Bharath Thota, VP of Data Science, Kearney Consulting


Session II  11:00-11:45 am / Track: NLP / Location: Great Room II
Interactive Machine Learning: Solving AI’s Labeled Data Bottleneck

Speaker: Ryan Wesslen,  Senior Vice President; Data Scientist II, Bank of America

Session II  11:00-11:20 am / Track: Case Studies / Location: The Den
Transforming Healthcare Marketplace Solutions With Predictive Analytics

Speaker: Magbor Atem, Project Manager, and Analytics Consultant, Atrium Health

Session II  11:25-11:45 am pm / Track: Case Studies / Location: The Den
From Data to Story

Speaker: Elizabeth Ricks, Instructor, Storytelling With Data


Time: 12:00-1:30 pm / Location: Urban Garden

Lunch and Networking:  Urban Garden

The extended lunch break provides an opportunity for attendees to network with the Exhibitors in the Urban Garden.
Time: 1:30-2:30 pm / Location: Ballroom

Keynote speaker: Ruha Benjamin


Time: 2:30-2:45 pm / Location: Prefunction Room

Coffee Break

Breakout Sessions III: 6 Sessions

Time: 2:45-3:30 PM / Location: Salon I, Salon II, salon III, Great room I, Great Room II, The Den
Session III 2:45-3:30 pm / Track:  Explainable AI / Location: Salon I
Human-Centered AI Explanations

Speaker: Wenwen Dow, Assistant Research Professor, College of Computing and Informatics, UNC Charlotte

Session III 2:45-3:30 pm / Track: Ethics In AI / Location: Salon II
Health Data Privacy in the App Economy

Speaker: Kathryn Marchesini, Chief Privacy Officer, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC)

Session III 2:45-3:30 pm / Track: The Future of AI / Location: Salon III
AI Economics – the 4th Industrial Revolution

Speaker: Gary Bhattacharjee, Global Head of AI Practice, Infosys

Session III 2:45-3:30 pm / Track:  AI Adoption / Location: Great Room I
AI for Everyone: How the Democratization of AI Is Making Data Analytics More Accessible Than Ever

Speaker: Derek Wang, CEO, Stratifyd

Session III 2:45-3:30 pm / Track: NLP / Location: Great Room II
Natural Language Processing (NLP): An Overview, Applications, and Demystifying Transfer

Speaker: Rahul Singh, Quantitative Analytic Specialist, Corporate Model Risk Team, Wells Fargo


Session III 2:45-3:05 pm / Track: Case Studies / Location: The Den
Automatic Learning With Limited Data: A Batch Learning Approach to Automating Time Series Forecasting

Speaker: Daniel Ramos, Data Scientist, SentryOne

Session III 3:10-3:30 pm / Track: Case Studies / Location: The Den
How AI is Changing Manufacturing

Speaker: Josiah Laivins, Machine Learning Engineer, Mariner Welch Labs

 Time: 3:30-4:00 pm / Location: Prefunction Room

Coffee Break

Breakout Sessions IV: 6 sessions

Time: 4:00-4:45 pm / Location: Salon I, Salon II, salon III, Great room I, Great Room II, The Den
Session IV 4:00-4:45 pm / Track: Explainable AI / Location: Salon I
Integrating Machine Learning With Traditional Regression Framework and Applications to Auto Loan Delinquency Modeling

Speakers: Judy Xi, Quantitative Analytics Manager Credit, and PPNR Modeling (CaPM) COE, Wells Fargo, and Crystal Li, Quantitative Associate, Wells Fargo


Session IV 4:00-4:45 pm / Track: Ethics in AI / Location: Salon II
Ethics and Compliance for Learning Analytics

Speaker: Andrew Peterson, VP, Educational Innovation and Global Outreach, Western Seminary


Session IV 4:00-4:45 pm / Track: The Future of AI / Location: Salon III
Data Scientists Are From Mars & Software Engineers Are From Venus: We Need ML Engineers on Earth

Speaker: Anand Rao, Partner, Global AI Lead, PwC

Session IV 4:00-4:20 pm / Track: AI Adoption / Location: Great Room I
Lead Time Prediction: Data Science Applications in the Steel Manufacturing Industry

Speakers: Kevin Pedde, Principal Consultant, Syntelli Solutions, and Dan Krug, General Manager, Information & Digital Technology, Nucor Corporation

Session IV 4:25-4:45 pm / Track: AI Adoption / Location: Great Room I
Practical AI: Using Machine Learning to Ensure Member Success for the Charlotte City Club

Speaker: John Fitts, Founder, and CEO, Fairfax Intel

Session IV 4:00-4:20 pm / Track: Case Studies / Location: Great Room II
Serverless Machine Learning for Phishing Classifier Automation

Speaker: Joel Amick, Director, Cyber Analytics & Data Science, TIAA, and Scott Rodgers, Senior Cybersecurity Data Scientist, TIAA

Session IV 4:25-4:45 pm / Track: Case Studies / Location: Great Room II
Enhancing Profitability Analysis Through Data Visualization and Data Science

Speaker: Jaime Staengel, Finance Analyst, Financial Planning & Analysis, Corning Optical Communications

Session IV 4:00-4:20 pm / Track: Case Studies / Location: The Den
How to Drive Data-Driven Change in a Legacy Organization

Speaker: Subhasree Chatterjee, Sr. Data Analyst, LexisNexis

Session IV 4:25-4:45 pm / Track: Case Studies / Location: The Den
Retail Scheduling Optimization

Speaker: Nick Rabiipour, Principal Data Scientist, Lowe's

Time: 5:00-7:00 pm / Location: The Urban Garden

Networking Reception